About - Gaidash


I was not a bad person, in fact, I was an awesome human, if you will. I worked hard, applied myself, achieved many awesome things, yet then it was time for me to awaken, fully, intensely and fast. My world went into ULTIMATE TIMELINE COLLAPSE MODE, as will each unconscious reality now.
Each will have to choose, HOW THEY WANT TO EXPERIENCE their own awakening.
Yes it's happening and it has been all along. Every moment we go higher in frequency, mega-huge, every moment all physical matter is genetically modifying itself to galactic soul-aligned encodements.
Each must stop undervaluing themselves to realize their full capabilities and potential here.
Your highest DREAMS and DESIRES anchor and materialize in your physical for you, in response to you...
Each SOUL CHOSE TO AWAKEN from the HUMAN EXPERIENCE/EXPERIMENT from living in an unconscious reality held together by an old MATRIX that has collapsed. Human's try hard to stay in that matrix, try hard to hold-on out of fear of the unknown, try hard to hold fast to old mentalities that do not apply anymore.
The ONLY WAY to do this process easier, it to apply HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS KNOWLEDGE to your every moment, what your physical body is experiencing and your physical reality does too. "Trying" to do this the old way creates suffering/loss/dramatic realities to experience... for experience is our TEACHER, it's brings us the KNOWLEDGE that we would not listen to/were not willing to see before, it gives us the "proof" that our human asks for/needs... yet there comes a point where we don't NEED suffering/loss, devastating and dramatic to wake us up. The human needs polarity to show it what it "doesn't want" to get it's butt in-line, serious, committed.....
Each will have to choose, HOW THEY WANT TO EXPERIENCE their own awakening/ascension/descention/embodiment process here. Every moment is an OPPORTUNITY for this. Every moment each has a choice. Every moment each can open up fully or struggle, fight and try to hold on to that which collapses so that a higher dimensional reality can come forth. Awesome awaits, amazing awaits, bliss awaits, magic awaits, infinite abundance awaits.... when the heart/body/mind are all open and ready, embracing, honoring, listening, seeing and committed to DOING ALL WITH INTENTIONAL ACTION from within.

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