We have soft frequencies, yet plasma bursts intermittently... with Stellar Light Codes releasing with each burst. High high high frequencies start out our day here... and we always go higher than before.

OLD EARTH - NEW EARTH - COSMIC LIGHTBODY UPGRADES - MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EXISTENCEMany are experiencing immense "breakdown" of their old constructs, beliefs and everything held onto as "real", hearts bursting wide open..... for some it's powerful emotions... anger, tears, hurt.... disbelief, disillusionment and a feeling of "loss", which is an important part of the HEART OPENING PROCESS, an important part of the TUNING PROCESS .... as the body clears the immensity of dense programming.... This was each's "prison", this was what "held each" to those old frequency bandwidths that now dissolve/dissipate with the FIRE OF INTENSITY necessary to burn away, blow away and strip away all of those protection mechanisms that "kept each" there.Those beliefs, those mentalities, those fixed constructs held in place... those all go..... Your entire reality shall be completely RE-DESIGNED.... by you as YOUR HIGHER SELVES, by you, from the DEPTHS AND CORE OF YOUR ENTIRE BEING, by you as your Divine Essence, your Purity "is allowed" to emerge.... and LEAD THE WAY for you.As those old cellular programs are activated by these COSMIC BARRAGES that flood your systems/body/cells... awakening all that you suppressed/feared feeling.... avoided and "tried to hold onto"..... your whole body will go through a massive TRANSITION PROCESS where Cosmic RAYs (Radiation) obliterate the old.... going straight for your gut, head and heart first... and your spine... then your organs... then deep into your muscles and bones.... your blood..... your oxygen..... your skin, your eyes, your everything....YOUR HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS DNA "IS TURNING ON"... YOUR Higher Dimensional (Codons/Strands).... your Higher States of Consciousness, where once buried/hidden in "codes" in your bodies... now activate with every breath.YOUR LIGHTBODY.... this is your SOUL BODY, your SPIRIT Body, your ENERGY BODY..... your Quantum Photonic Light Body..... emerging and merging from within you... to expand from the inside out. Your body.... will go through everything "beyond imaginable", more than each human mind can comprehend. This process of EVOLVING INTO YOUR HIGHEST SELVES, evolving and dropping/clearing the density held in your bodies (separation/unconscious programming, the entire MATRIX), is beyond immense. It will REQUIRE your support, full attention and respect.....YOUR EVOLVING BACK into WHO you truly are... and it's not one thing, it's a bazillion everythings.... without the distortions anymore.Your PHYSICAL BODY IS THE KEY..... it's not something you ignore, judge or control. It is your VESSEL, your LIGHTSHIP, your Sacred Temple, your UNIVERSAL SPACE SUIT, literally... you will float inside as you physically ascend, as gravity goes.You will start to FEEL density, the heaviness... as photonic light fills your every cell. Working through your joints, your organs and getting heavier for awhile, as you transcend all of that you once held deep within.Your body won't conform anymore, it won't let you ignore or try to suppress anything... it won't fit into the same old clothes, it won't allow the POISONS of various foods, chemicals, medications, toxic thoughts/emotions/behavior, that you used to avoid/stay asleep before. It will PURGE LIKE NO OTHER FORCE you've ever seen, when these Galactic, Cosmic, SOULar frequencies TARGET your own passive/aggressive, your own compromise, your own parasitic behaviors..... everywhere there is one ounce of LACK.....Your NEW NERVOUS and IMMUNE SYSTEMS.... all get re-worked, continually.... your heart, brain and spine... experience ELECTRICAL SHOCKS to awaken/jolt awake/wake your body up (it was deeeeeep asleep)... these electrical impulses will "try" to run through your entire NEURAL NETWORK, opening up your NEURAL PATHWAYS, where your own Ancient Knowledge/Universal Knowledge/Higher Mind Consciousness opens up to come through. Every cell of your BODY is involved in this massive process.... of transitioning out of a linear (bound by illusory constraints and "time"), as your entire LIGHTBODY TEMPLATE activates in every particle of your physical body.YOUR CRYSTALS, YOUR STAR PARTICLES, your AVATAR CONSCIOUSNESS DNA.... activates by way of frequencies activating the "codes" that you hold within. What to "do" with all of this... well, this is your EVERY MOMENT experience here. It's your learning to MASTER, through REMEMBERING all fully from within.The AMNESIA goes both ways. As a sleeping human, your AMNESIA kept you from remembering your highest and purest STATES... YOUR highest and purest YOU'S, yes all of them. You could not remember before, because frankly, you held too much separation, too much story, too much victim, too much blame, too much shame, too much "give my power away", too much hurt, too much hate, too much lack, too much grief, abandonment, too much "I'm not ready yet", too much fixation of "out there", too much selfishness, too much greed, too much compromise, too much judgment, too much everything... and all of this has to clear your body, for your body to PHYSICALLY ASCEND and TRANSCEND the entire 3D/4D frequency bandwidths..... to come to live, breathe and co-exist in 5D (and way beyond) here.AS YOU EXIT/TRANSITION, AMNESIA is a huge part of this process. You will forget all of the old human reality, as your MEMORIES of PURITY emerge from within you. As your own VEILS lift, as the fog starts to clear, each day is more fog lifting and more 'NEW' EVERYTHING.... yet now you have to "learn" how to live/exist/function and become a productive, contributing, caring and integral part of OUR NEW EARTH EXISTENCE here.AS THE INNER PAIN GOES, new clarity comes through and all NEW (REMEMBERED) is birthed from within you. As you CHOOSE, as you decide, as you let go of your massive judgement, and admit that you don't have clue about anything, then what you do already know can finally come through. As you stop fighting your own processes, as you stop resisting what you do already know deep inside, as you stop seeking anything "outside"...... and embrace THE TOTALITY THAT YOU ARE, without your ego involved.AMNESIA BETWEEN THE DIMENSIONS is a huge part of this process.... yet the amnesia goes as you ASCEND your own Consciousness and hold it, until your body can completely re-configure itself and vibrate at the oscillation rate necessary for Physical Body Ascension to occur..... then, your NEW EARTH BODY TEMPLATE activates and all of your other Light Codes, which activate all of your other body templates to start to build do too. The construction/building is then through your every moment ACTION.... in how you show up as a part of our NEW EARTH COMMUNITIES, NEW EARTH CONTRIBUTORS, NEW EARTH LIGHT FAMILY in physical form here.These next 3 months are PIVOTAL, as hearts blow wide open for many who were unaware they were asleep. It doesn't matter "how long" anyone has been doing this. That's a human thing. WE have been doing this forever, for EONS....BEing awake and Embodiment are two very different things. BEing aware is not enough. What you DO with that matters. Sometimes you pull completely out, about face and completely let go and focus your energy on what CREATES as LOVE. Sometimes you align the reality yourself, because you realize you hold the power to do this NOW. Sometimes you step forth, some times you step back. The one thing none of us do... is IMPOSE....This is about complete RESPECT for each's chosen experiences here. Honoring HOW EACH CHOOSES TO AWAKEN and travel their own MULTI-DIMENSIONAL PASSAGEWAYS.... to REMEMBER FULLY AS LOVE HERE. This is about each one of us, taking full ENERGETIC RESPONSIBILITY for OUR SELVES and allowing all others to go figure it out themselves."Their Universe" has them. They have their own Higher Selves. When their heart opens, they will able to hear/see/feel/REMEMBER too.....You can be a guide, without Ego, you can be the EXAMPLE, without Ego (E-GO), you can LEAD THE WAY without Hierarchy, you can SHOW OTHERS without being unkind. YOU CAN and ARE.... A LIGHT.... A BEACON.... so are we/they.Focus your ENERGY ON YOURSELF and what you are transmitting out, how you show up, what you are sharing, accomplishing, creating and contributing... AS PURE SOURCE LIGHT.


LOVE emits from your every cell and field, the rest is not only easy, it's simple and all comes to you just as easily too. Your heart was closed before, your head was in the way, your duality closed doors and pushed all away. Your little human wasn't ready before..... Are you now? Your answer will tell you which aspect of you is in charge. In every moment. 


  Get ready. We ain't seen nuttin' yet! There's always more, it's always accelerating.... as this is what we all signed up for by incarnating/walking into this physical..... yet we transform all and we vibrate into other dimensions with our bodies.... and our experiences are as we HOLD.


 Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼www.AwakeningToRemembering.com 

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